Mr. M.R. Aggarwal

Leadership in today's fast paced world is critical to any conglomerate which desires to chart out an accelerated path of growth. Our aim has always been to achieve greater results and scale greater heights. Thanks to our vision and astute business conduct we have always managed to fulfill our aims and convert challenges into opportunities. In the process, we have had to reinvent ourselves, rearrange old patterns and refresh our perspectives. However, adapting to change has never meant forsaking the core ethos we set out with, in the first place. The values of honesty, quality, transparency and integrity have always remained strongly placed within our intrinsic business fabric.

Today, our group has carved out a distinct niche in whichever field we are present. From Steel, Power and Computer peripherals to Footwear, Urban Infrastructure Development and Medical Sector, we command the respect and appreciation of every life we touch. However, we are never content to rest on our laurels.

We have the power to envision new horizons and the capability to reach them. We have always led from the front in the past as we will continue to do in future.